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Long Beach's Recording Studio

Discover a world of creative possibilities at No Pulp Media Recording Studio. With over 2,000 square feet of space, we are your premier destination for professional audio recording, videography, event space, podcast production, and graphic design services. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Long Beach on the picturesque promenade, we harness cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship to turn your creative visions into reality. Whether you're an aspiring musician in need of high-quality audio recording, a brand seeking superior videography, an event planner scouting for the perfect space, a podcaster requiring top-tier production, or a business in search of compelling graphic design, NoPulp Media Recording Studio is your one-stop solution. Dive into our eclectic mix of services and let your creativity soar in the pulsating rhythm of Long Beach. Experience the NoPulp difference today.

Audio Recording

At No Pulp Media Recording Studio, our professional audio recording services are designed to bring your sound to life. Leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and our acoustically engineered recording spaces, we capture the rich nuances of your performances with absolute precision. Our experienced sound engineer collaborates closely with you throughout the process, guiding you from initial setup to the final master, ensuring your vision is perfectly translated into aural reality.


Whether you're looking to create compelling music videos, dynamic brand commercials, or immersive visual narratives, our videography services at No Pulp Media provide the perfect canvas. Our team of seasoned videographers, directors, and editors utilize high-definition equipment and cutting-edge editing software to craft visually stunning and engaging videos. We pride ourselves on our ability to visually articulate your story in the most authentic, creative, and impactful way.

Event Space

In the heart of Long Beach, No Pulp Media offers a vibrant and versatile event space that caters to a variety of occasions. Be it an intimate live performance, corporate gathering, or a creative workshop, our well-equipped and comfortable space adapts to your event's unique needs. With state-of-the-art audio-visual systems, ample seating, and a welcoming atmosphere, our venue is designed to ensure your event leaves a lasting impression.

Podcast Production

At No Pulp Media, we provide comprehensive podcast production services that cover every aspect of creating a successful podcast. From high-quality audio recording, expert editing, to guidance on content structuring and distribution strategies, we're here to turn your podcast idea into an engaging auditory experience. Our skilled production team and advanced recording facilities guarantee a professional and polished finish to your podcast, helping it stand out in the ever-growing podcast sphere.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services at No Pulp Media are all about enhancing your brand's visual communication. Our talented graphic designer combines creativity and strategic thinking to create engaging designs that encapsulate your message and resonate with your target audience. Whether it's album artwork, event posters, logos, or brand identity design, we deliver designs that not only look stunning but also drive the desired impact.

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