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Book Long Beach's Recording Studio Now!

Over 2,000 square feet of studio space availble!

Use promo code NOPULP at checkout and get 50% off your first booking.

When you book at our Downtown Long Beach studio, you'll have the opportunity to work with an experienced audio engineer and enjoy full access to our state-of-the-art facilities. Once you've booked, James will contact you to discuss your project and ensure everything is prepared for your visit.

By booking a session with us, you're not just reserving four hours of studio time; you're gaining entry to a cutting-edge facility that combines professional mixing, mastering, live recording, and video production. Our team of experts, along with our top-tier equipment and inspiring environment, are fully committed to perfecting your sound and bringing your artistic vision to life. This experience extends beyond mere recording; it's an invitation to explore premium quality sound and embark on a transformative musical journey.

Audio Work

Video Work


Let's talk!

Call James, our lead studio engineer now

(562) 283-3414

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